Would you date someone in the military?

My brother keeps trying to get me to meet his friend who is in the military. He thinks we'd be a good match.
I'm sure this guy is really nice, I know some of his family and they're all really kind and seem to like me. But he moves around a lot because of his job. He was even sent overseas for a while. He's on leave right now.
So assuming that he and I would click, it would probably end up long distance and we'd probably hardly see each other.
Is it worth a shot? Or are there just too many odds?


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  • I wouldn't.. Well Depends what branch. Enlisted guys go through a lot of emotional stuff that they usually don't initially know how to handle during their first enlistment. Again depends on the branch I was in the Marines but it would be a whole different story if he was Air Force. It's going to be a lot of drama and trust issues. Going to be a huge headache. If you already loved the guy then I would say follow your heart but getting invested into an enlisted guy for the sake if it is a bad idea. You have to consider deployments too. It's a tough life for a a significant other. Every Marine I knew and even myself has been cheated on by their SO lol. Usually bad news.

    • I'm not worried about faithfulness at all.

      But yeah, I'm just worried about distance.

      As far as emotional/mental stuff. I'm totally willing to deal with what ever he ends up going through.

    • You say that right now.. lol. They all do. I'm telling you it's really hard. Just know if you get emotionally attached to the guy it's going to be a very hard relationship and could end badly.

    • Yeah, I know it would be really hard, thats why I'm a little hesitant.

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  • If your brother is that sure that you two will be a match, I think you should try meeting that friend. You don't have to expect a relationship right now, but at least meet him.
    I agree that it will probably be difficult since you won't be able to see each other often, so I would think about it before getting into a relationship with him.
    For now, just meet him and see how it goes.


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  • 1. are they in the same unit?
    - Cause the worst horror for a girlfriend of a military personel is the unknown.
    -As well one of the famous and least favorite things with dating some one in the military is the chance of PTSD and the potential that that said soildier lies to other half about their condition.
    -Also your brother could check up on him if they are in the same unit.

    The distance should be a lower factor. If he's moving a lot he's got to be able to get his hands on a sat phone.

    • My brother isn't in the miltary. He knows this guy from high school and boy scouts. This guy is a few years older than my brother and I

    • Okay just checking. Well As long as he seems stable you should be fine

  • Military life is completely different than civilian. You should make sure its what you want and that you can ve faithful while he's gone. Some, deployments last 1 1/2 years. Trust me. Can you be alone for 15 months and still be faithful

    • I'm not worried about being faithful. I'm just worried about keeping a connection.

  • Hell no.

    My brother is in the military, and at my last job, one of my coworkers was in a family with a lot of military members.

    I would not want to date someone fitting what I have heard from either of them, lmao.

  • hell no all the military men I've meet cheat on their spouse and all the military women I've met are major sloots, sloots to the max. i wouldn't even date a girl that has dated a military guy.

    • Ouch.
      From what I know his family is like at stereotypical white suburban family. Big white house, goes on a big vacation every year. Ultra Christian. (Religion doesn't agree with me)

      He's pretty nerdy and is a boy scout so basically what most parents dream for their little girl.

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    • Hey nice generalization. Im in the military and I've never cheated and no most military guys dont cheat bc we dont have the time. Women are not for cheating bc a lot of them marry for the befits. Which is why they are called dependas. Uou should learn some stuff before you post noncense you know nothing about.

    • @Quacken i said it was a generalization. also yeah military hos marrying for benefits. my cousin is one and yeah she's been jumping from guy to guy as they get out. i know a lot of people in the military and they corroborate my story

  • It takes a special person to date or marry a service member. It isn't for everyone but millions have done it and made it work for life.

  • Military guys are sexy

    • I wouldn't say this guy is sexy. But he isn't ugly.
      He's a big nerd, a eagle scout and his friends call him bird man because his nose is so big.

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  • I personally wouldn't date someone who was in the military. But I dunno, for a lot of people it would work, so maybe you can try it and if it doesn't then you'll just have to end it.


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