Am I the only one who knows this , seriosuly?

a lot of the guys i know had GFs and had sex so they are not stupid ( i hope so ) but one thing that i find wird... they dont seem to know how act around girls , i mean they insult girls they dont know and make bad comments, they hit on a girl and try to get with her and at the same time get really close to a girl right before the first ones eyes, they also cheat... in general make inappropriate comments about girls and dont commit to one girl ( at least to find out what they can do with her ) is it stupidity or what? i on the other hand dont make any girl feel like iam taken if iam not , i dont attempt geting close to girls while trying to get with another girl , i dont cheat and keep my distance if iam not interested (unlike lots of guys) so whos right , me or them?


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  • There's no right or wrong here. You and the other guys just have different goals.


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