How to meet 21 year old girls when you're working?

Ever since uni was over I find myself finding it hard to make friends, male or female.

I'm new to the working life but once I adjust, I really need to join a sports club or something. I'm not in a city, located just outside a city so it's mainly towns near here.

What activities could I do to meet girls, preferably educated ones as I went to uni and would have more in common with a young professional type.

I know that I can't be the only one our age going through this and many young professionals will be young, busy and single.

Anyone have any ideas?


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  • i felt the same when I was working, wondering what people will say here

    • It's really depressing. I'm in a 4 year training contract to be an accountant but I'm so busy studying and working. All I want is someone to laugh with, chat to, make happy and make love to once a week whilst we going through the stresses of everyday working life but I feel so detached and unable to change my situation at least for a few months. Maybe that's the sacrifice and it hopefully pays off one day but it would be nice to meet someone cool, our youth is our best days.

      Are you not working anymore?

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    • It will get better :)

    • thanks, for you too !

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  • If your just outside a city, there will most likely be a social/sports/activity club that has events in your area. That's usually a great way to meet people. Activities like kickball and cornhole where your in a bar or going to one after the event.

    • what sport would you recommend?

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    • Yeah they're not social sports for girls and men to mix :(

    • As @nalaa suggested, hiking and rock/ice climbing are popular... at least where I am here in New England. If your not the sports type, there are usually events (boat rides, weekend getaways, etc.) that are organized by clubs to meet people. Personally, I like an event where I can do something just in case you don't meet anyone you don't like, it's not a total loss.

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  • I'm wondering the same thing. But I can't do sports or anything active because of my foot.

    • It's so hard. There has to surely be ways other than going to a bar?

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