An old friends with benefits I haven't seen in 2 years saw me today and told me I have become out of shape, have a fat stomach and cellulite?

Why would he say that? I am not fat but do have a SLIGHT belly and a bit of cellulite but it's not that bad. I still get heaps of guys checking me out in public. So why would he say that?


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  • Could have just slipped the mouth. cause he remembers you skinnier and more fit.

    • He said it a few times it wasn't an accident

    • Well it could be also a easy topic to talk about at first i mean its two years. thats along time of being apart and to meet up randomly.

    • Its quite common for people to bring up looks first as its the most obvious thing. Like with guys its generally their height or muscles that family or friends bring up at first after saying hi's and stuff.

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  • Is it true? I mean because if its true then he's right.

  • Are you Australian?

    • Yes why? And how did you know?

    • Your used of the word "heaps". Anyway, if you're now taken he may just be saying that out of jealousy. Otherwise he probably remembers seeing you in better shape and is the type of guy who just says what's on his mind.

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