Why does this guy keep teasing me and saying this?

So I've known this guy for a while now through a mutual friend. He comes to some of the events that I go to and I've been to his house before, where we had a really in depth conversation. He asked me about my ex before as well and who broke up with who. Later on during that month, he tried asking me if I wanted to come to his house to "talk" again and eat crisps.

Anyway, the last time I saw him I noticed that when he was speaking with me he didn't actually try and look at me. It was like he was doing everything in his power not to look at me. But he would joke around with me a lot. I mentioned to him and his cousin that I spoke German and he said "Ohh.. so you learned German because you want a German boyfriend?" I just laughed and said no, but he continued saying that to me over and over again.

Towards the night, I was standing by the entrance and was checking my phone. He then went on to say "Oh.. who are you texting? Are you texting your boyfriend?" and kept saying that to me several times. He also said "I know you are texting your bf" and I said I didn't have one.

Why did he tease me with the whole boyfriend comment?


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  • Cause he was hoping you were interested in him and he's making up reasons to dislike you. To me you have 3 options start hating him. second choice date him ( as in sometime when its just you and him kiss him on the cheek. and adimit that like him.) Or third option do nothing and act confused.

    • I'm not sure if he likes me though, as he often flirts around with other girls too.. so it's a bit hard to tell.

    • Well most guys know better than to bring up ex's at least the ones who know if their female friend struggled with it. And generally guys only ask about the ex if they have semi alternative ideas as far as said friend could be a date or etc.

    • Well mostly i think he's making up reason for himself why your out of his league lol.

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  • He probably likes you but don't no how to say it

    • Let's hope so.. although, he is quite flirtacious with other girls too.

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