I need answers asap?

Okay so I have liked this guy for a while now, and well I am pretty sure he likes me but I want your opinion. Well anyways he glances at me a lot, he would smile at me sometimes, and he would playfully tease me for example he would accidentally bump into me at school, and he would poke me and he would turn and look at me and smile at me real big. And he often just walked up to me randomly and talked to me.

Just a heads up: I have anxiety issues I worry a lot, and I jump to conclusions, and instead of asking questions I tend to just think of the answer myself. And I try not to be controlling!

Okay so, on Friday I was texting my crush and well my friend sent me a picture of her text messages with the guy I have a crush on. And I got upset because I thought she may have liked him or something. And she has his phone number, and I told her that it bothered me and she said it wasn't like that but I didn't want to believe her because a similar situation like this one happened to me about a month or so ago. Well the next morning, I asked her to stop texting him, because I was panicking I didn't know what to do. And she said she would so she texted him and told him that she had to stop talking to him.

And she said that she didn't want to get in the way of me & him. And he said "Okay" and then he texted me and he never brought it up or anything. I later brought it up because I was worried that he thought I was a controlling. So I did and he said that they are just friends, and that I shouldn't worry about it. And that he didn't think I was controlling, and he asked for my permission to talk to her. And that he wasn't mad at me or anything and that he understood why I did that.
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Oh I forgot to mention that he also rated me a 10.


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  • Girl you need to just breathe, I know that doesn't help at all but its the truth. just wait for when the time comes.


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