Does height matter to women after you are a certain length taller?

I know height can be attractive to women, and most women want a to be with a guy thats taller than them. But lets say a girl is 5' tall and there is guy A who is 5'7" and attractive to her (facially and body structure). then there is guy B who is 5'10 and has all the same features as guy A, does the height matter after that point? There clearly both taller than her and she has to look up wih both guys. So is their still a subtle difference to the girl. I need feedback from girl but guys can give their input as well.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I want my boyfriend to be at least 2 inches taller then me, after that I don't care


What Guys Said 1

  • Brah im 5:9... and guess what... a girl i was dating... dumped me for a guy of 5"11
    just 2 inch talller... and he is not even as good looking as me... he is just average...
    for girls... height and broad shoulders are ultimate things...
    thats shows the women that she will produce healthy babies if she mates with that guy... its biology...


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