Guys, have you ever dated a Japanese woman?

If you have please share your experiences with Japanese women.


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  • No. My wife was ethnically Korean.

    However, I tutor privately to many Japanese families. Their mothers are very kind and considerate to me. They are VERY devoted to their children. They are very interested in learning more English and about American culture, while at the same time teaching me Japanese and about their culture. Many of them tried to set me up with their friends when I was single. They were some of the most sympathetic and compassionate when my wife died. I should point out that these women are about my age or a little younger.


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  • Nope. There are very, very few in my are.

    • I am going to go to Japan to find a Japanese woman. I want a real lady. Japanese women are lovely unlike the most of the western world scum of women we have these days.

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