First date questions?

Okay so I have a coffee date with this girl I like this Wednesday and I'm stressing out about the little things like should I show up early? If I get there early should I order my coffee and wait for her? Should I wait inside my car or inside the coffee shop? 😂 So if you guys and gals could help out that would be awesome!


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  • Well, if this is your first date, just take it slow. I mean make sure you know for sure she's going to be there and have a casual conversation. Like don't talk about the future, etc. Most girls will appreciate you more if you show them a sense of confidence-crack a joke, smile show her your interest. Little things like that. With first dates you want to make a first good impression, so just be you! :)


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  • If you show up early and sit in your car you will just show her how much you are over thinking it. Show up a little early and get yourself something to drink. It is a coffee date, not rocket science, it is all about getting to know eachother better.

    • You are entirely correct but to this guy it's rocket science and he is very nervous so take him step-by-step. I agree don't wait in the car going to the coffee shop order some coffee and wait for there. I guess the most important thing is something that you won't be able to do. Stop being nervous. She's a girl another human being. She is not from outer space just say hi and begin talking I'm John and this is my story something like that

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    • Don't her drink until she gets there. Then by what she wants and you pay for it. Somebody asked if she's nervous to. YOU BET my first date I had to urinate 5 times in the first 40 minutes. I'm sure he thought I was nuts. Each time I said, "excuse mmmme. I gotttta ppppe."

    • And modestly I say I'm attractive but I was scared shitless

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  • wow calm down haha I think it would be nice for you to be there before her just so she doesn't feel anxious or anything.

  • Yes, get to the coffee shop early and wait inside. Just be yourself, keep the convo light, and you'll be fine!


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