What experiences have you had/heard about with dating through Personals on Craigslist?

I've been using a couple free dating sites but was wondering if Craigslist could be a good option to try out. I didn't want to waste my time before asking for a little perspective from people who may have some experience with it.


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  • That's a horrible idea cause there are freaks, losers and psychos on there. You have a better chance of finding a decent partner on here

    • I had the exact same thought on finding someone on here, but I don't like treating this site like a dating site the way so many try to.

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    • Yeah, if I met them by chance that's fine. That's actually happened with a couple guys on here. I just don't want to post things looking for people or anything like that.

    • Yeah that would be a little bit desperate but oddly entertaining

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  • I haven't had any experience, but I have heard of the Craigslist killer. Lol


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  • I don't think I'd be open to trying it. Someone in my area was murdered recently because they responded to one of those. I wasn't open to it before the murder, either.


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