What does it mean?

I talk to a girl in my class. I got very close to her lately as we both dont have other friends in the class.
Now there is other guy who gave her juice in breaks... they were not talking (he was sitting right behind her)
I went upto her and sat with her... the guy sitting back moved back... but the girl was totally different... she did not smile at me like she always used to do... and just opened a book and asked me a doubt regarding studies. I explained her and then she excused herself out of the class, as if to maintain distance from me.
She went out and i went back to my place and she returned after 2 mins and said thnx to me and sat on her original seat.. she talked to me just for 3-4 mins and later that day.. she was sitting with that dude in the class?
what does it mean?
  • She likes that guy and avoided me infront of him.
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  • She wanted to make me jealous, she likes me.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Call it what you want but she's shopping for new friends and guy friends are easiest to attract... if they aren't scared away by some guy sitting next to her

    The key to gals like this is to offer her many of your friends to join in with... so start making other friends, she will make a few, then combine both groups... then you'll know if you have a chance with her... or you have so many other choices, you really don't care!


What Guys Said 1

  • Seems like she actually likes the other dude, and doesn't want to be close with you in his presence.

    • But when that dude is not there in the class... she comes up herself to me and sits with me for 5 mins... and talks laughingly and happily... but when that dude is present in the class , she behaves totally off.. r u sure the girl like him?

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    • Bro i feel so insulted, That dude is like the famous guys of the class.. and she avoided me infront of him and his friends... and now i think he and his friends would be making fun of me.. i feel like crying..
      What was my mistake? That dude has many friends but i only had that girl as my friend...

    • She's not worth your time, pl. Just let go. make other friends. No point in feeling insulted or crying.

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