Guys, interpretation please, are we a couple?

I've been seeing a guy for a bit over a month. When we first started seeing each other he said he's looking for a long term relationship. We do lots of fun things and we also like to relax at home. On Wednesday I was giving him a back massage and I said I wanted to learn to massage properly. He then said he had seen a couples massage where you learn to massage each other.
In my head I thought are we a couple?
The same night we went and had dinner at his best friends house with his best friends fiancé (first time I met them) then my guy had said something about me meeting all his friends.

Are we a couple? I'm confused haha


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  • Nope. But need more details about you both. Then only can decide.

    • Depending on how busy we are determines how often we see each other but we have done things like watched the sunset, gone to dinner etc. I stay at his during the week and he'll go to work in the morning while he lets me stay and sleep and leave me in his house on my own and I just let myself out when I'm ready to leave
      He talks to me about his friends like I already know them. When his friends call he puts it on loud speaker and talks to them like they already know me and know about me.
      Can't think of what other info to give
      I guess when he wants me to be his girlfriend he'll ask but I take it we are exclusive from that maybe?

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    • We have done everything :)

    • lol. Then sure you are couple... Be happy.

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  • I don't know, not that much info... just ask him.


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