Are their any advantages to having a smallish penis? Surely there must be some?

im just curious is all! what could some be


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  • Yeah long thick cocks are nothing to write home about most of the time, I have been told by dudes who would know. They're hot to look at but most girls don't actually prefer having sex with one; in real life it's quite the opposite, most of the time. Guys with long cocks also have a very hard time fitting it all in, which means that they rarely if ever experience the feeling of really slamming their pelvis up against a pussy during sex. For a lot of couples that's one of the very best parts, so those guys (and their girls) are really missing out on that. Also, as a less generously endowed guy, you'll never hit the cervix, and a lot of girls don't like cervix contact during penetrative sex. So yeah, there are advantages.

    • ok thanks for the answer

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