Why is he suddenly distant?

I hooked up with a guy twice on school camp and afterwards he called me obviously wanting to meet up. We planned to meet (vaguely). But had to cancel because he couldn't get out of the house. That night he was texting me out of the blue about this guy who hit on me and I obviously aren't interested in. He was trying to get me to make it clear to the guy that I wasn't interested. Then after that it's been like pulling teeth. He barely texts me back and asks a couple questions without really replying to mine. I'm over thinking this but still. I really want to hook up with him again.


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  • It seems like he's just keeping you on the sides. If he were serious he wouldn't be this vague and infrequent.


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  • You are his plan B, he couldn't reply tour text messages because he is busy with Plan A, you really need to look for a new guy.


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