Tinder vs Real Life Approaches?

I'm trying to get back into the dating game after a break-up and have been using tinder for this.

The reasons I've been using this app:
My confidence took a major knock.
Work has dominated my life since, something I'm now addressing.
Social side has suffered because of the above

I was wondering what girls think of tinder vs real life approaching?

Personally I feel the real life approach makes for a more enjoyable first date since both parties have something to follow up on. Although saying that i've had great first dates on tinder, but the real life approach is probably the equivalent to a tinder first date where rejection is made based on looks or initial personality. Also I think women place more value on a real life approach especially if the relationship gets serious it builds a romantic story when they tell there friends and family which let's face it sounds better than saying you met online.

In order to do real life approaching it pushes you to make some changes in yourself and lifestyle because it's not as easy as downloading a app. Changes which not only benefit your love life but your own wellbeing.

Ladies I would like to know your thoughts?


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  • Tinder is for the Nerds who can't find a real women around them, I think you need to look around you You will find your future wife lost there.


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