Can a girl with a boyfriend develop feelings for other guy?

A girl says she has a boyfriend , but she also says she is infatuated to me.. but she will not leave her boyfriend
  • Yes, she can have infatuations but if she is not leaving her boyfriend then she is loyal to her boyfriend.
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  • She is cheating her boyfriend if she is getting attracted to other guys.
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  • The law of attraction in my eyes: You can look, but don't touch! It's called respecting your significant other--if she is infatuated with maybe she's just unhappy and hopes that you can give her comfort in her desperation. Honestly.


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  • Leave her be. Simple as that. It would be different if she were just dating, but they're not boyfriend/girlfriend i. e. early stages. If however they're in a formal relationship, leave it.

    • Mate, she gave me non verbal signs for 3 months that she likes me... she even cried when i did not give her attention when she smiled at me and i did not react... she cried in the class...
      And then when i made the move, she says she has a boyfriend of 1 year.

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    • She's just being friendly. Just leave it be, and either remain friends or tell her you can't be friends with her because you have stronger feelings than she has for you. I wouldn't advise the latter but if you really can't keep your head straight with her around then let her go. It'll be easier for both of you in the long run

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  • boyfriend = still shopping around so yes, of course
    Married = not shopping around so any attractions have to be managed and zoned as friend/etc. forever


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