Is it normal for a guy to have more than a handful of relationships that only last 2-3 mo. but never longer than that in his whole life in his 30's?

Or should this be a red flag? It isn't that he doesn't want one but always finds something wrong with them.


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  • A good woman is hard to find, especially nowadays. The only thing I would say is by the time he's in his mid 20's he should start being able to spot women who he knows it's just not going to work out with and avoid getting involved with them in the first place.

    • Perhaps he got too good at it. He told me the reason some of his relationships ended and they were all pretty stupid.

    • Women, particularly by the time they are in their 20's, are very adept at putting on a false front which it can take a while to see through. The first indications you get that they are not as they present themselves can be small things.

      A lot of guys don't need a life relationship with a woman, it's not an important goal, they can take it or leave it. If they don't get exactly what they want why get involved? You are putting a lot on the line when you get married, it's an enormous risk and very little to gain for such a guy.

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  • It could just be that the relationship ran its course. I have had a number of relationships like that, it is really want any more serious than a fling because that's what we both wanted. It's possible he just hasn't found the girl he wants to settle down with

  • Could go either way. Maybe he keeps getting women who are terrible people, or maybe he is a genuine jackass. Only time will reveal who he is, and why he has relationships that only last 2-3months.


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