Was I right for yelling at her? Fake friends convinced her to dislike me?

Okay so:
-I have a mutual guy friend (guy A) he's been good friends with me for 2 years. he is dating a mutual girl friend (girl A)
-Girl A has a super hot friend friend (girl B) that i am trying to get with
-Me and everyone were sitting in a car drinking and having fun one night. I hook up with girl B. Feels awesome
-Next day I find out girl B accusses me of drugging her? Wtf
-My interpretation: Girl B regrets hooking up, so claims i drugged her. I then think girl B is crazy
-Btw.. I was ranting hard at guy A (cause thats what friends do) and finds out guy A is sharing all my texts with girl B (fake friends wtf)
-When girl B saw the texts, girl B said "wow i thought you were different then other guys" and "why did you say you regretted hooking up?" (she read one of my texts wrong)

---What actually happened (girl B explained to me): Girl B, Girl A, and Guy A were hanging out one day (they were also all drunk) and talking about that night, they convinced Girl B i drugged her and she believed it (wow.. fake friends)

In the end I told girl B that maybe she should find new friends. and that I dont regret hooking up and would have loved to try something non alcohol related activity with her, but I am now uninterested because I think girl B will just claim drugged again (aka I called out girl on being dumb). Girl B apologizes

Besides punching girl A and guy A in the face, what else should I do? I do like girl B, just wtf @ fake friends.
  • Talk to girl B again. start things up slowly
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  • Leave her alone and move on
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  • If girl B is claiming to be drugged again, this is when I would get suspicious with her claim. Logically, if I were drugged once, I would know what situations not to put myself in and wouldn't be falling for the same thing twice.

    Move on and stop getting involve with drama.


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