So its true? Nice guys don't get the girl... why do you think she stopped messaging me?

We have been talking for a couple of months now. I'm a very nice guy. I tell her good morning and good nights, compliment her looks (flirt with her), I reply back immediately (because o really like her), and I even volunteered to write her paper because it's for English class and she doesn't live in the US but I do so I'm better in English.

Anyways we talked.. Everything seemed good. We laugh, talk, tell stories. Sometimes she initiates and sometimes I do. But she never flirted back with me. Anyways, suddenly she stopped texting me. Why do you think? Am I too good to her?


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  • I'm going to ignore the fact that you signed up as a girl on this site, assuming it was a mistake.

    But yeah, that's one of the sad truths of life, man. At least in your early 20s. It's rough, because sometimes it seems like being a jerk is the only way to get the girl. And if you're not a jerk, you don't want that. I just broke up with a girl - or rather, she broke up with me - because she's still in love with her ex husband, who cheated on her for 5+ years. She gave me all the platitudes about what a nice guy I am and how I say all the right things, but of course that doesn't help. All I can see when I read those texts is "you're not a jerk, so you don't do it for me." But I don't want a girl who's into me because I'm a jerk.


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  • So you live in the US and she somewhere else. Maybe that's why. I don't think there are a lot of girls who willingly start a long distant relationship. I think that's why she didn't flirt and that she stopped talking, who knows? Maybe she didn't feel like it or was just busy with other things.
    You should try finding a girl nearby.


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  • First of all your a guy in a female account - SHAME
    Girls ignore suddenly in text when they want you to miss them and think about them, coz when u think about them u obsess about them... and thats exactly what she wants...


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  • Maybe because you're probably a liar about things, considering you signed up as a female on here and you're saying you're a guy.

    Unless you're transgendered? Which in that case maybe she's just not comfortable with that.

  • I would say she likes you and just wants you to text her first. That's usually how it goes, except if you are the one always initiating the conversation?


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