I was just fine being single until this guy with a girlfriend swept me off my feet. How do I get myself go be content again?

So this guy was very flirty and gentlemanly. Although he might sound like a player, he cared for me way too much to just play me. ANY time I felt sad he would talk to me and listen. We were high in the mountains and in the clouds. It was raining and freezing. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but he gave me his jacket. He wrote me a note saying he liked my smile and said my attitude made everything better. He was very possessive and didn't let any guy near me. We talked a lot every day, and he kept asking me why I didn't date and if I had been kissed on the lips or forehead or nose. Then he put his arm around me and looked into my eyes and my guy friend saved me and said "wth" so he stopped. I was happy being single. Guys approached me and they were cute but I didn't get that attached. but now I long for a boyfriend and I hate it. he woke me up to how it feels to be loved. What can I do to stop this?
I still think about the idiot. I would never date him but that doesn't make it any easier.


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  • BEWARE of this guy - he won't let any guy come near u... thats a clear sign... he is very insecure of himself... i would suggest maintain distance...

    • Yes he is. I maintain as much distance as possible.
      Sadly the fact that he treated me with such tenderness makes it harder for me to like being single. I would not date him but now I think about guys more often

  • If he's going to cheat on her, what makes you think he won't cheat on you?

    • Exactly, which is why I don't maintain contact with him. He was always the one who initiated. However, like I said he tapped into a part of me that was dormant. So it makes me feel sad. I'm determined to never do anything more with him, but it doesn't make it any easier.

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