Is this guy friend jealous that I'm dating?

I have known this guy in real life for 5 years, but we only saw eachother maybe once or twice a month throughout the whole time, and when we did it was while I was with my long term ex. When my ex and I broke up (after 4 years) the guy started talking online (he messaged me) we developed a flirty relationship where we would joke around, call nicknames, and sometimes talk about sexual stuff. We live about an hour apart and neither of us drives. He also has anxiety/depression and said he feels scarred from past relationships... So even though we both have shown interest nothing has really come from it. We hung out once and he bought me a gift, paid for food, put his arm around me, kissed me goodnight and said he had a great time. He was very affectionate for a while after the date but then we never hung out again, only talking every day still. He says that every time he thinks about me he gets really excited/surprised that I'm into him but then gets scared of what would happen if he pursued it, due to all of his relationships "turning to shit" and being "super fucked up". I've made it clear that I want to give it a try and he told me anyone who would deal with how emotionally damaged he is is crazy and that I shouldn't wait around until he is ready because he hasn't dated in years and is scared/doesn't know what he wants, and wants me to be happy. Because of this, I followed his advice and went along to start dating seriously. I met a guy that I think I might like, and now all this original guy does is say "How's Michael?" "Lucky Mike" "miiiiikeeeey" "say hi to mike" etc every time we talk, kind of like making fun but he ALWAYS is bringing him up all of the time. Is he jealous even though he encouraged this to happen?


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  • He probabaly wants everyone to be single and. E miserable with hin


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