Would u talk to a guy who lied unnecessarily?

So I've known this guy for about 13 years we went to jr high together he used to really like me back then. Anyway, we would hang out often this year and yes hooking up most of the time but on a few occasions he would tell me thinngs and just not follow through. For instance he was away on a trip for business and told me he got me a gift and its been 3 months and I have yet to see that gift. He also asked if I can call out and he'll give me the money that I missed for that day and I have yet to see him do that. Why does he do this and should I continue hanging out with someone like this?


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  • Seems he is just doing the bare minimum to keep you around and into your pants. However your not your more booty call then anythings else since your not in an relationship so I guess you have to take it as it is. Personally you deserve better.

  • He just sounds to care free and isn't serious with things to follow through, it's up to you whether you can deal with it because he probably won't change


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