What is some good advice to have a good third date?

This will be our third date. And no, I'm not looking for sex but of course I'm not going to say no. Anyways, our first date we met for drinks at a bar then walked to another bar. We madeout a little after and she walked home. The second date we met for drinks and appitzers then walked to another bar for a drink and to watch football, (she likes football). We also kissed after and I drove her home that night. Tonight, the third date, we are having dinner at a hip sushi restaurant. I am picking her up this time instead of meeting her there. Of course, I don't want dinner to be the end of the date. I am thinking after dinner we could go out for a drink again after the dinner. ( We're not heavy drinkers, the places are fun and we have two at the most ). Football will be on and we could watch some of the game too. Does anyone have any other suggestions as far as what to do after dinner and how to act?


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  • Learn about her ideological and socioeconomic views, and her purpose in life and how she equates that to how she intend to lives her life.

    • This is the most important basis for a compatible relationship, if you haven't done it prior, now's a good time.

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