Why does this keep happening?

Every time guys chase me it seems when theyre lacking something. Direction, confidence, security etc. I am a strong woman and I'm very kind. I always encourage and listen to them. It seems like once they're all happy again, they forget me. Everyone has problems, so my solution isn't finding someone problem free. I guess I'm just feeling used :(


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  • Maybe that thing there lacking you bring that out in them.. You help better that person.. but don't feel used.. think if all the good you have probably some for these people

    • I guess, but I end up feeling hurt and drained :/

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    • Are you really telling me that it's impossible to call for someone and want to have sex with someone just because the physical attraction wasn't initially there. Do you not think that personality isn't attractive.. I'm quite dissapointed in your response.

    • Personality doesn't cause me to sexually want someone. It causes me to want to hangout with them. If I'm not sexually attracted to someone, I can only be their friend.

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  • U just go on ur own way


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  • I'm sensing you dont talk enough personally with your other half.

    • Huh?

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    • Well just know people dont show everything in 5 minutes if i were single and we met and didn't have this talk im sure you would struggle to remotely profile me close to what your looking for because i'm quiet most of the time and the only time i really talk much other than with friends or extended family and too my boss and other employee's. I have a low trust level to the point you have to seem different or memorable for me to even take a liking to.

    • I can read people though without them saying a word. Body language, the way they carry themselves, on;y 20% of communication are words.

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