Guys, do you think he got jealous?

me and my man went on the beach and he go to bar and i was alone for about 10 minutes. And suddenly i hear man`s voice "hello"
i thought maybe its hotel staff, and looked at him and say "hi"
Then he sat down near me and asked very annoyingly "whats ur name? My name is bla-bla... Lets hangout together. I d like to get to know u"...
I didn't reply anything.
And then my man run to me, he sow him and immediately walked away.
My man looked a bit angry and asked me with a very seriois voice "WHAT DID HE WANT?"
I said "i dont know"
so, after that he didn't go anywhere, was only near me...
do u think he got jealous? and was afraid to left me alone anymore?


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  • I'd just say it was coincidental that the other guy came by when your boyfriend was gone at the bar. The guy was just probably wondering why a you were alone at the time and figured you were single. Just a innocent misconception it happens a lot.

    Your boy friend probably was annoyed. But the one thing is most people dont know if a guy and girl are dating or married unless your like slightly clingy.

    • whaaat?

    • Um the number one most embarassing thing you can do in school is ask a girl to go out with you whos taken. I just think the random guy assumed you were single and didn't know about the guy.

    • Boyfriend* correction last word

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What Guys Said 2

  • Probably more concerned you got perved on.

  • ... andddd this proves guys and girls can't be just friends. Instant classic case right here

    • what u mean? what friends

    • Just sayin'

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