Girls, Terrified of talking to women?

So im 23, college graduate, and employed full time with a leading software firm as a software engineer, and Im fully independent and live by myself (no rommates). My problem is that i have never been on a date, never had sex, never kissed.. Hell I've never even asked out a girl. I got to collge and realized all they guys around me were taller than i was (Im only 5'5") better looking, and more well adjusted than me. I thougt that i never had chance in hell beacuse why would a chick pick me over someone else? Now im 23, and i think the same. I feel like its too late for me at this point because im so inexperienced and scared that i wouldn't have any chance in the world. Im pretty sure they would rathet eat dog shit that have anything to do with me. I dont even know how to talk to women, and when i try to, i feel like im just annoying the crap out of me. I even tried online dating for a couple of months and literally messaged 100s of women and didn't get one response at all. I just want to kill myself at this point because i can't stand being alone for the next 60 years


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  • you must be a shy guy and have low self confident , improve your confidence


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