Why are most women insecure?

It seems like most women prefer confident men but are insecure themselves.


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  • I wouldn't go so far as to say MOST women are insecure. It's simply more acceptable by society's standards for women to express any insecurities they may have compared to guys, so some take advantage of that and can get coddled as a result.

    As for how insecure women prefer a confident man... I don't see why a confident woman would make a point of going for an also confident man. That sounds like it'd be perfect circumstances for conflict of the ego's of both. Lots of butting heads. In a relationship, it's best to have some balance versus two strong/confident personalities.

    • Opposites don't stay together.

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    • This is a fact. We know this because of the psychology studies that have been done. wait right there.

    • .. psychological studies are not 'fact'. There may be a strong correlation, that's it. In any case, you'd need to define 'opposites'. Obviously a total book-worm probably wouldn't mesh well with a partier. However, I think if they're not in the opposite ends of the spectrum, like one is just more talkative/uninhibited than the other, it's fine. My boyfriend and I are a perfect example of that working.

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  • Because the world is very harsh.
    We (Women) are expected to look like women in magazines. Men say they want us to look like thin, perfect women in magazines that have been edited by professionals then they tell us they want us to look natural and not to wear makeup. It is a battle that will never end. We want to feel beautiful but we just don't know how to act.

    • The harshest people on women are other women. Always. You girls need to take some of the blame for yourselves.

    • I agree. Women are very harsh between each other. But did you ever think of why? Because they want to be more beautiful than their friends. It's hard being that girl that no guy wants. Being that girl that has a crush on a guy and he says he wants your best friend because she's prettier. Being that girl at the bar that guys don't go see because she's not as ''good looking''.

  • because they comapre themself to others.. thats why im insecure at least.. i feel like im not likable enough comoared to other women.. I like my looks, i dont feel that insecure about them at all

  • everybody's insecure about SOMETHING. it just so happens that what men care most about, physical attractiveness, is what most women are insecure about. imagine if you didn't place so much value on a girl's physical attractiveness- i doubt you'd notice she was an insecure person.

    • Well, women place emphasis on attractiveness just as much as men. Most women wouldn't date a shorter man.

    • exactly. if women didn't care so much about height, i doubt we'd have so many questions on GaG about men who are insecure about their height. people aren't born insecure. others' standards make them feel that way.

  • Many women find confidence in a man attractive. On the other hand, to most guys it doesn't seem like confidence in a woman is a big part of their attraction to her. Maybe it is to some, but overall not really.

    We want different things. It's sort of like asking why men prefer women with shaved legs when they have hairy legs themselves. It's about what each gender finds attractive in the other, and they're not always going to match up.


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