Is this pathetic?

Im pretending to see this guy who I don't even talk to. Well not really date but in the process of dating. We've made eye contact many times in the hallway and his friends started acting weird near me like smiling at me, etc.
I lied to my guy friend who doesn't go to the same school as me. He ended up telling other people about it. Nobody knows him and my friends who know about him are from different schools. I feel so guilty.
I was planning to go up to the guy and talk to him but I don't know what to do. I felt pressured into doing so. My friends kept telling me that Im pretty and why I haven't dated anyone so I just kind of lied.


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  • Well you have one shot to fix it by talking to him and admitting he made you nervous and you lied cause its the only thing that came to mind. And it just slipped out. And who knows it could go wrong and get rejected or it goes right and you catch his attention and its a worth while relationship.

    • Im definitely not going to tell him about it. The few people I lied to dont go to my school and dont know him.

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    • well last time i was in this situation as the guy in this type of deal i knew the truth cause rummors spread fast.

    • Yeah nobody knows him. I've only lied to like three people who go to two different high schools.

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  • You definitely shouldn't have lied. Listen, no matter what anybody tells you, there's no shame in being single and it doesn't make it pathetic for you to be pretty and single. Is it a bit weird that you lied about being in a relationship with a guy? Yeah, but at least you aren't stalking the guy.

    If I were you I'd come clean. Just say you're into the guy you mentioned and you felt pressured to say you were with someone. From there, just own being single. It's not a bad thing, you're just waiting for the right person. Seriously, it isn't anyone else's business anyways.


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  • Ya, you need a life, a better one. Karma's going to bite your ass hard


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