Saw my ex on on line dating site?

Me and my ex dated a little over a month before we broke up due to arguments. We both met on line so while we were breaking up he mentioned how he was done with on line dating saying how if its meant to be it'll happen in "real world". I didn't pay no mind to what he said and still kept my profile (tinder, just wasn't active on it while with him). Then a month after breaking up I run into his profile (he made a new one). I'm sure he saw mines if I saw his. Question is he getting desperate that he created a profile AGAIN to keep him distracted? Wouldn't he know I'd see him? I just find it funny how we had such a connection (that is hard to find) and here he is TRYING to find same connection even though it makes him put his foot in his mouth. Another thing too, a few weeks (2 weeks) after we broke up, he put up a pic he took for me while we were together up as his main FB profile. I ended up cursing him out and he took the pic right down. So you'd think he'd avoid confrontation? As far as he knows, I'm a crazy female that will go off again! ... even though I'm not lol by the way, I look really good in my pics... thank God lol I just find it odd how he was against on line dating yet decided to try again taking chance I'd run across his profile again. Thanks in advance!


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  • I broke up with someone last week and downloaded Tinder again just to help me get over her and get back to my old self. Couldn't do it - can't even look at someone else right now.

    But I was also trying to see if I saw her on there (REALLY hoping I didn't).

    • Nice! Thanks for the insight. I kinda figured if he wanted to "date" around then why not another website to avoid me. Just seems odd. Anyway, thanks again.

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