Guys, Is this true guys?

Im confused for which way i should this guy out, i have one friend that says I should ask him out up front but my other friends (guys) are saying dont cause it puts the guy on the spot. Is this true? If a girl asks the guy out will he feel like he's been put on the spot?

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  • Its embarrassing for him and if he turns you down and has a bad reason it could be embarrassing for you too. I would rather you dont trap him.

    • Not to be rude but if a girl asked me out in that type of situation I dont think I'd feel comfortable being around her guy friends if it was me id say the classic phrase "Um i gotta think about it." aka the classic um i dont think it will work phrase. Cause I feel like im intruding. He is highly unlikely to hit you so dont need guys to protect you. Just be you and show your confidence and charisma. Thats what gets a guy to like a girl. NOT conering him into awkward compromising position.

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