How do I build confidence when girls just destroys it?, I think im starting to hate women?

Im not gay but i always have the hatred against women. im 17 and have had bad experences with women

when i was 13 and haning out with my "female friends" and my bro friends they were like pinching or holding the girls so they couldnt move or anything and they were totaly fine and when i did it one of the girls said "eww dont touch me" from this moment i have build hatred against womens. Maybe is it because they dont find me attractive? i been so called "friend zoned" by all female friends. i have build my hatred so much that i dont even want to hang out with them anymore... no one finds me attractive..

Thanks for reading
Update: My goal now is to start working out and im going to start training mma in first januari. and when i have a good body. and that will make me more attractiv (muscelar) and then i will destroy girls emotion like they did to me. just gonna play the girls

They dont accept Mr. nice guy so why dont become the douche?
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  • I don't think an accurate way of determining if a woman finds you attractive is whether or not they are willing to let you harass them at age thirteen.

    You're very young and seem to have a very miniscule perspective on women and dating, and I suspect this is your main issue. At 13, girls and boys are both immature so you can't base what all women are going to be like on experiences you had when you were still a child.

    Also, I get tired of hearing this nice guy bullshit. Being nice doesn't make a girl not like you - not being her type does. If you have an air of "I hate women", we smell it a mile away and we run in the other direction. If you want to be attractive to women, you need to take care of yourself, have an appealing attitude and personality and be willing to treat them with respect. If not, then it's best you don't even bother.

    • My attitude have changed due to women do you think i like being treated like a bitch? like oh please pick up the pen oh please stop doing this aww i want a guy like you. and do you think i smell shit and dont take a shower? i use diffrent cloth each day and i shower every morning before school.. i do take care of myself and i "HAD" appealing attitude 3 years ago and since im getting older i start to understand things. i may be 17 but im not that dumb that can't figure out how our soiceity works?

    • I don't know if it's your punctuation or how you're explaining things but that entire paragraph made little sense to me, but I will do my best to answer you.

      Forget about society for a moment and look at this objectively: What do you want from a partner? I assume somebody who is attracted to you, that you are attracted to and who treats you well. Whatever it is you want from a relationship is exactly what you need to be giving back: respect, attention, affection and patience. If you go into it with a desperate, bad attitude, you'll never get to the point where anyone will be willing to give you a chance.

      I don't know if you smell like shit or not sir because I don't know you.

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  • Finish growing up. You're in such a hurry but life lasts a pretty damned long time. First, you haven't dated a real woman yet. Second, your body has nothing to do with your personality, which is what turns a woman on. The funny thing is, girls your age are worried about the same thing. But, that's like a sapling worrying about its bark. Chill out and let it grow. You can't will it to happen, you have to grow up. Develop your social skills now. And working out doesn't hurt, either. Just don't count on it meaning anything other than your health.


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  • sure take you anger out on women who've done absolutely nothing to you, because we're all the same and hurting one will somehow equal you getting revenge on the girls who wronged you. because destroying someone else's feeling just as badly as yours have been won't make you as bad as them.

  • I hate girls too, and I am one.
    Girls are catty and fake and manipulative and awful.


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