Should I allow the guy I have been talking to from online send me money to visit him?

I have been talking to a guy from dating website for 2 months now. He currently just moved 6 hours away. Since we never met in person while he was close, he is now offering to send money to come visit him. He offered to send money because I currently don't have a job and need to save the little money I do have. I told him I wasn't comfortable doing that. I would feel obligated to pay him back and who knows when I would be able to. He said he considered it an investment in our relationship. lol that part made me laugh. In general, I don't like to take people's money, so I am having a hard time deciding.

Thoughts, comments or concerns?


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  • If you're certain you will be safe once you get there, then take the money. He's trusting you to come, you should trust that he can afford it. BUT make sure that where're your going is safe. Do not go somewhere you do not have a cell signal, AND REMEMBER cell signals can be blocked.

    • The only real safety I would have to worry about I think is the actual neighborhood he lives in. I would make sure I tell someone all the details of where I was going.

    • Yeah, but what about where he takes you from there? It's just a kind of scary idea to me. Maybe I'm the paranoid type.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You're not "taking" from someone if they are willingly giving you something.
    He wants to be with you.
    So, in all fairness he is seeing his money has not lost in this case
    It's a nice gesture... I would take it if I were interested in him.
    Just make sure he is legit first.
    Have you voice verified? or did seen eachother on cam yet?

    • We talk on the phone and he has sent pictures. I then found him on Facebook to verify the pictures.
      Maybe if I video chat with him first id feel better about it?

    • Yes, definitely do that.
      That will get all suspicions out of the way.

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What Guys Said 1

  • If u like him and can trust him then why not
    Sometimes doing the unthinkable is the best move

    • Thanks. Doing the unthinkable is the opposite of what I do normally. Haha. I really wish I was more spontaneous.

    • Lol okay then save up

What Girls Said 2

  • i really don't think you should take the money or visit him. sometimes online relationships can go great and be great, but in my past experience they have not gone well

    • I can understand what you're saying. Of the guys I have talked with over the past year, he is the one I've clicked with and actually want to meet.

    • well if you really trust this guy , then i would say go for it, but please please be safe, thats the most important part here, make sure your in a safe situation. if you feel uncomfortable at any time, make sure you have a safe exit

  • Why can't he come see you then?

    • At the moment his father is not well, so he needs to stay and help him.

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