What's going wrong and how do you fix it you haven't had a single date yet in life?


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  • 1. You are not attractive enough= hit the gym, get a new outfit, work on your hairstyle
    2. You are not charming enough= Learn new hobbies, improve your conversation skills, read or watch movies/ tv shows.
    3. You are not confident enough= approach, approach more.. approach even more.
    4. You are assuming that you are perfect and dont need any improvement

    • 1 - I do go to the gym, I do have different outfits and I do change my hairstyle.
      2 - I have a lot of hobbies, good conversational skills, and read and watch a lot of movies and shows.
      3 - that may be where I fail - I do meet girls in my hobbies but I don't know what's going wrong here. If I knew, I wouldn't be in this situation
      4 - I'm far from perfect.

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    • I meant I really want a girlfriend.

    • you do. And you will. But you'll need to put in a bit of effort to learn girlish

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