Should I be concerned with the girl I took on a date, going on dates with other guys?

I'm currently a freshmen in college and I met the most amazing girl in the world not too long ago and we both agree we have so much in common. Texting back and forth has been great and we went on our first lunch date a couple days ago. Everything went great! There was not a time when we weren't laughing or smiling at each other. I would sometimes make little jokes and she would give me a cute little laugh and hit me on the arm... cute stuff like that. Well trying to dig a little deeper I ask her roommate to see if the girl I like would tell her if she's into me. Before our date all she said was "She said she's playing the field right now". So tonight I ask her if she wanted to come with me to the gym (this girl loves working out) and she said she had to drive herself because she's having dinner with "someone" tonight. Now I always assume the worst so i'm just guessing she's going on a date with another guy. SO bottom line.. should I keep pursuing this dream girl of mine, or am I simply wasting my time?
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  • Maybe you should just stopped looking for her because if she was interested in only you she would have already demonstrated it but instead she is going on dates with another guy. Don't waste your time with here there is a lot of other girls who would want to go out with you and not play games like her.


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