A Senior with a Freshman?

Is it okay?

Personally I have looked down on it since I was a freshman. I made a personal rule to only date 1 year up and 1 year down.

But now that I'm a senior, I'm getting closer to some freshman girls, and while I give a friend of mine crap for dating a freshman, I'm seriously considering asking 1 or 2 out. (not at the same time)

But I'm gonna ask everyone here. Do you think its acceptable?

P.S. It's not like I'll be going away to college and away from a girl I date here, because my college is in the same town. So that isn't an issue.

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  • It all depends on the people.
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For the record I'm 17, but yeah I see the point. And that's the points I have had since my freshman year. But as I'm older I just don't know.


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  • OK there's just a little bit of a maturity difference between 14 and 18. I always called the girls who dated freshman the "freshman whores" and so did everyone else. Mostly because they were always in it just so they could go to prom and tell all their friends they were dating a senior. Do you want but when I was a senior I wanted nothing to do with the freshmen, except for a few who were really nice and sweet and knew their place


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  • you know people say age isn't an issue but sometimes it is. honestly aslong as you don't "DO" anything with her because remember your 18 and she is a minor but if not than your ok if you like her that much I say go for it. personaly I don't think you need other peoples opinions you should go with your gut/heart


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  • Meant to choose B, chose A.

    You're grown up now, age isn't too relevant.