We're always sneaking around what to do?

There's this guy I really like. He's no good for me emotionally but I don't know how to let go. We're always sneaking around. How is that a good thing. He sneaks me in his house to hang out, I don't tell my parents about him.

How can I let go of him when I like him a lot?


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  • The fact that he sneaks around like sneaking you in his house etc soinda like a bad start to any possible relationship.. what are you even doing.. like seriously you don't deserve this.. you deserve all much better.. someone that wants to show you ofd

    • I'm not having sex I want to wait till marriage he doesn't know though. But when I get there he's always kissing on me etc. I thought yesterday he was trying to sleep with me. He asked me to be his girlfriend I said no.
      Everytime he wants to sneak around like. His mom saw us driving to his house and he told me to act like I was going to my house so I walked off. I don't know how to stop talking to him because I do like him but just maybe he just wants sex or fool around

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    • You just need to cut him off.. stop replying to his texts etc.. he will get the message.. it might sound cruel but what's your other options.. tell him how You feel and that you don't want to see him will only give him the chance to talk crap like how he will change.. if this guy was interested in you everyone would no.. full stop

    • Full stop okay thanks I'll do that

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