What do you count as cheating?

My current serious boyfriend of half a year has had feelings for other girls (twice) while we were dating. He has never pursued them but claimed that light flirting happened. He put an end to any chance of romantic relationship after telling me. Is it wrong for me to be mad since he never pursued any of them? Is it cheating?


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  • Well if he has never pursued them I wouldn't say that's cheating however since he admits that flirting happens, so you should just be careful because flirting with other women while in a relationship is not a good sign and might lead to cheating. I am not saying it will but just be careful.

    However your boyfriend seems to have control so you need not worry too much about this, but just let him know that you don't appreciate him flirting with other women, even lightly.


What Girls Said 1

  • Cheating:
    Obvious Flirting
    Play fighting (aka flirting)
    Kissing her cheek/forehead/mouth/body
    Saying that you're single around others
    Touching another girls ass/tits
    Hanging out with another girl
    (In a sneaky/in private/without me way)

    • Be honest. If your man is with another girl she's instantly a bimbo you don't like 😂😂 haha

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    • @tjl656 Not true. If he hangs with her with me knowing than its cool (I mean I may pop in every few hours to check up on em lol)... But I have guy friends.. So we're even

    • Doesn't mean you like it 😂

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