How come people have sex so early into relationships?

I asked my brothers girlfriend about a girl I liked cause I found out a couple weeks ago she was dating a co worker at her job. Well when I asked she told me she left early to go hookup with the co worker guy she started seeing. Really? Already they're having sex? I like to get to know a girl for a month or two before having sex with her. At least I'd like too, i've never had sex before. I tried to get her number a few months back and she just didn't like me even though her friend was trying to help me out.
Is that just how things are now? You have sex on the like the second date?


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  • It all depends on the persons involved. I knew my husband for about 3 months before we started dating, and 19 days into our relationship we had sex. Some people think that was too soon, but we were both ready for it. Now we've been together 3 years and are still very happy.

    A married couple we are friends with had sex on their first date. A friend a mine has been with her guy at least over a year (not sure how long exactly) and they still haven't had sex because she's not ready to lose her virginity (he's not a virgin, he actually has kids).


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  • No. I feel the same about you, need to know them enough to know at least they aren't psycho or something. Some people just really click right away and they like sex. No right or wrong, just what works for them.


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  • Because its their choice, and you have no authority in their decisions

  • I don't get it either.

    • I think it's just two people get together who have high sex drives, but then they find out later on that's the only level they connect with.

    • Exactly! Like, if they get in a fight they have nothing to fall back on.

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