I feel so sad, why did she do this to me? what was my mistake?

Basically this girl liked that guy in our class, since it was a new semester so we were all unknows to each other... she started sitting near him and i used to sit with her...
just to seem more approachable to that dude, she talked happily and nicely to me... and i though she started liking me becuz she was so happy to talk to me...
But at the end, that guy made a move on her and now she doesn't even smile at me and talks only when i talk to her...
i feel like being used... what was my mistake? :(


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  • Sounds like she did use you. It's for the better, you wouldn't want to be with someone like that. Next thing you know they date you to get someone else jealous and drop you whever convenient. Doesn't seem like your mistake to me, better luck next time!


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  • first of all i would like to tell u that this is generally what happens when the girl is very beautiful and obviously that dude would be smart and handsome.
    I feel sorry for u brother, this is what generally happens when an average guy thinks that the girl is intersted in him, so watch out for the smart guys around here vicinity.
    Better luck next time, move on


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  • I feel sorry for you dude, but you should have noticed the other signs before getting attracted to her. she must have followed him aswell, she must used to give him eye contact.
    Be careful next time, move on to next girl.


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