I'm very confused, you guys. I need clarification. Can you tell me what's going on?

I never thought he'd lay his eyes on me or even talk to me, but he engaged the conversation first with a question he already had the answer to. Since, we had short talks until I realized what was happening and I started investing more in the potential friendship that could result. One day, I butted in a conversation him and his friend were having. Out of the blue, they ended up inviting me to his house to play video games. When I got there, the other guy was about to leave while I stayed with the one I like. While leaving, he winked at my crush as if he was saying "good luck". My friends and GaGers told me that it was totally set up so we'd be alone. It was awkward at first cause him and I didn't really know each other. The ice broke when we found out that we had watched and loved the same animes. It was an instant "connection". Instead of the few hours planned, we spent a whole evening together and it felt like we had known each other forever. His roommates/friends either knew me or looked at me weird. His roommate pointed at me, asking "oh, that's her?". He even randomly brought up that he liked "cuddling". While watching anime, he laughed everytime I giggled. After that, we texted during the Thnxgiving break. He did obvious-ass things like sitting next to me while dozens of empty chairs around, waited for me after class, always talked to me, etc. The only thing is that he doesn't text me at all. He only replies when I text him. He always seems happy to get a text from me, sends emojis, says my name a lot, etc. But he hasn't asked me out and, last time we were supposed to hang out together, he bailed. In short, there are tons of things he does that show he likes me a lot but other things he doesn't do make me think he doesn't fancy me that much. I'm starting to be a bit worried, but everyone else tells me that everything's doing ok and that I'm just overthinking. Wouldn't he text me more and even ask me out if he truly liked me? What do you guys think?
Last time, his sister looked at me for a long time when I was talking with him. His friends and roommates also know who I am, so I guess he told them about me.

I thought about giving up and moving on more than once but, everytime I do, he "comes back". Like last Friday: I decided that I was done pursuing him, but he sat next to me and it made me happy. I know I'm not imagining things or making up stuff in my head, I'm positive about that, but I'm torn that I could be mistaking..


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  • He's totally weirded out!

    • Why? Can you explain?

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    • Well, why can't you? I asked for help, not more confusion and opinions from different people are more than welcome.

    • I just don't want to right now.

  • Why not you're probably a nice person

    • What do you mean? Can you answer my question, please?

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