Should I bother to keep pursuing this woman or should I stop?

So I am in my early 20s and this woman I like is in her early 30s I told her how I felt about her and she said she wasn't looking for a relationship right now (but seemed happy to hear i was interested by smiling and voice pitch changes) because she recently got out of a bad relationship with somebody who is now in jail for a long time. I was okay with this answer but then she decides she wants to keep contact with me on facebook. So I contacted her on facebook a day later as a courtesy because i figured she wanted me to because why else would she offer to give me her facebook without my asking. we exchanged a couple of random messages and then she goes quiet for the next couple days. I am inexperienced with dating and women in general and I am unsure if she even likes me and I dont want to seem like im clingly or desperate by asking which I am neither of those I am just waiting for somebody I really connect with and like. so should i just forget about this person?


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  • Wow why in the world would you want to involve your young self with this 30 year olds baggage? Ex in jail and has an aversion to commiting. I would not be surprised if she has a drinking problem or are one of those women that refuse to grow up and just go clubbing all the time.

  • You should probably let it go.


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