Is possible to take it slow after you take it too fast?

It's really complicated because I wanna be with him, and he wants to be with me, but he's not sure if he loves me like o love him. He's in the military so he's really focused on his purpose (he's really religious so he's REALLY focused on his purpose). It sucks to be led on, I really believed he loved me. He said he misses how easygoing It was between us and I want to return to that, but I don't know if I could because back then I was just doing my thing and he was new mystery, he didn't seem so relevant back then and now he does. He still wants to be with me, so I'm staying with him, but I hate this new unsettled uncertainty ( weird use of words). I know I'm a hopeless romantic because love doesn't come easily like the movies and it doesn't stay like anything, but when it comes to this, what would you do? Would you stay and wait if you really did care? Or would you feel like you deserve better and leave?
It's sucks because i don't wanna demand him to call me more, but now whenever he calls me, I think it's because he thinks he has to out of obligation. I never wanted him to feel pressured to call me or anything, but I thought we were on the same page before so i guess it Was okay. maybe he isn't forcing it, but It feels forced. I will always have the guilt that I put pressure on his already stressful life with petty problems. I want someone who appreciates me with me having to tell them to tho.


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  • Not a chance... relationships don't work in reverse, only forward


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