Am I his main chick or side chick?

Not saying that he has a side chick.

- he holds my hand when we're in public
-always wants to go out with me
- kisses me in public
- stays close to me when we're walking
- wrap his body around mine on the escalator

do guys do this to their side chicks or only with their main girl cause from what i heard guys doesn't want to be caught in public with their side chick
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Most Helpful Guy

  • All those things indicate you are his chick. I don't see anything pointing to a side chick. I don't see why you'd even question it unless there is something you aren't telling us. From what you've said there is zero evidence that you are a side chick, or he has a side chick. You are taking a bunch of positives and trying to turn them into negatives.


Most Helpful Girl

  • WOW! Your someone side chick and your okay with it? Why don't you ask him directly!!!

    • I don't think i am, was curious if a guy would do this to his side chick or not

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    • Cause i have seen side chick few times and its not like this

    • really? Some side chicks get all of that!

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  • come one... its an obvious main chick... side chicks are hidden in the bathroom closet and only upgraded to the bedroom when its time to get sticky... i never went out of the house with my side chick back in the day...(yes, i said back in the day)

  • They do it with both. The only thing they do thats different they take the side chick very far away across Town So no one will know them is all. I voted wrong though.

    • He does that everywhere, we stick to places that are near our house. Doesn't matter where we are he always does that

    • I dont know you or her or him, if anything you would know best. All I know where there is smoke there is fire, its up to you to find out

  • Anything done in public shows ur his main girl...
    However, players dont come in this category.

  • Side... any dude with a functioning cock has a side piece and if they don't they wish they knew how to get one

  • Main girl obviously

  • why don't you just ask?


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