How tell a girl I'm interested in her?

Okay so iv been talking to this girl for the past 3 weeks, we text each other off and on usually with a day of silence between our text messages. We talk for hours on end about pointless shit, the conversation is always going and never really stops, but we don't flirt (never a apportunity) and she never gives me solid hints she truly interested. So I asked one her friends if she was interested in me, she told me she was starting to get interested, so now I want to ask her out (on a date). My problem is its finals week and I'm not going to see her in person. How should I go about it? Ask through text/over the phone or visit her after she has a final (that would be when I don't a final on the same day she has hers, so I think it'd be kinda weird) I want to look confident by asking her in person and not like a coward over the phone. Advice from the community would be much appreciated.


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  • I think if you want to show her you're interested then you should flirt with her subtly first, let her know you have feelings with her without out rightly saying it at first. But that would just be my preference if I had a guy like me that was in the same position as you are.

    Don't worry about looking like a "coward" by asking someone out on a date over the phone though, girls don't see it that way at all. It doesn't have to be some big gesture. Just do it as you feel most comfortable.

    • Before or after finals? It's only a date so I wouldn't think it would distract her from studying but then again it is finals and it's certainly a stressful time, unless you have a different opinion.

    • I would say after finals, if that isn't a long ways away. It is a stressful time in general for most people and her response may not be as enthusiastic as it would be once she isn't bombarded by worries of her final grades.

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  • Why is your relationship status set as "dating"? Did you manage to get a date from her?

    Anyways, first, find out when, what time and where her last final is. To find out where is her last final, ask for her course and section number, and depending on the college you are studying in, you can look up the exam room and building she will be in.

    On her last final, you can wait for her (without getting detected) near the building/room she has examination in. When she exits the room, pretend that you bumped into her. Then do a small talk, around 2-3 minutes, then ask her out on a date and see what happens. The problem with this is, if you failed to intercept her (especially the case if she exit the exam room EARLY), you are dead. You can bring a friend to wait outside the door and signal you once she exit the building.

    I will strongly suggest you to ask her out when she have done all her finals so that she will not be overly pressured (Her finals already give her enough pressure, she does not need more.).

    I am a kind of person who CANNOT ask by phone or text, but CAN ask in person. I find that the latter way is not as scary as I am able to get a response from her. She can ignore me if I ask by phone or text and that will give me heartaches.

    • Cause I haven't used this site in months and still haven't changed it. Thanks for the feedback, I like your approach!

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  • How I asked out my current girlfriend is via text. I made it even simple yet open, not restricting to a time line and making it more open to when she wants to go out. I'm betting she will says yes. If she is getting interested how alse will she find out how interested?

    Good luck


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