Ladies how obvious are you on social media about a guy you like/are dating/going out with?

So things like, commenting on his posts, liking his photos, tagging him, checking in, and so on?

Please commetn after answering the poll!
  • If we're not dating but I am interested - not very obvious
    Vote A
  • If we're not dating but I am interested - very obvious
    Vote B
  • If we're dating - very obvious
    Vote C
  • If we're dating - not very obvious
    Vote D
  • If we're in a relationship - very obvious
    Vote E
  • If we're in a relationship - not very obvious
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Don't forget to explain guys and girls ;)
I like how guys are very obvious, while females are not very obvious in every stage.



Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm the most obvious person XD every person I have a crush with knows it lol
    I don't like hiding, I don't see the point of it.

    • So you're one of those that likes every photo, comment, and event then? ;)

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    • Okay, so are you less likely to be liking their posts and comments, relative to say... your friends posts and comments?

      For me, I find I rarely like their stuff online relative to my friends posts', which I'll pretty much like some to most of their stuff.

    • I stalk them all the time but I don't like the pics and stuff.
      But there's no need to tell them, the always know XD

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not obvious at all.

    No pictures, posts, nothing.
    I keep my relationships private. Fuck the attention.

    • So you don't go around liking their photos all the time and all that?

    • No I don't.

      They already know how much I care about them.
      I don't need Facebook to show that.

    • Ya makes sense, I am exactly the same haha.

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What Girls Said 1

  • overall, not very obvious, the way i like it.

    • Hey! Someone actually answered rather than just voting :P

      So you don't go on a like spree of their pictures, events, comments, etc? Or do you prefer to leave no trace of it on social media (or at least till it's a very serious thing)

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    • Haha, ya I am the same way. I don't go around liking their photos and posts and all that, unless it's something that it makes sense for. I never understood people who have to like every single picture, comment, post, event, etc.

      Every girl I've dated thus far, we've never really done that, because we're likely talking privately/were together for the picture/event/comment/post to begin with. Seems redundant and kind of desperate if that makes sense?

    • yeah i just don't get it. i feel like whoever is posting is doing it more to convey the message of "YEP we're still together guys!" u know? because we really care where they're going and what they're eating. i mean it's cute and all but it gets annoying after a certain point.

      i think that's good. those moments should be enjoyed together anyways, not with everyone else. yeah i get u.

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