New girl, hopeful, thoughts appreciated. How does it sound?

Looking for some impartial input - if I speak to friends/family about it anymore they'll go mad.

I 26 stopped looking for relationships, love, stuff like that. Focus on me. Out of the blue Girl, 23, messages me first on PoF which is dusted off after nearly a year. Long texts, she said she never texts anyone as much. Gives me her number, suggests we meet up. Drives 40 mins to my house. Stays till midnight. We cuddle and kiss and talk. She keeps teasing me but is generally in to me. We've only known each other 7 days.

I'm very wary of being messed around so not expecting much from it. We seem to get on really well. Have a lot in common. She was very flirty on my bed. She suggested I come and see her next and stay over only if I'm comfortable with it. Snapchatted her if she'd like to come back to my place. She said "yeh, if invited :)". I fit her attractions, bald, facial hair. She fits mine: feisty, not skinny, not huge. Same interests.

Not sure what to make of it all tbh, I mean it's fun but thinking if it will go south fast or somewhere better.

Going to enjoy it while it lasts, hope it lasts for a while.

Any thoughts, cautions would be appreciated :)


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  • sounds fine


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