Did he change his mind about wanting me to date?

Guy A and I have been flirting for a year but due to his depression and anxiety he doesn't feel ready to see anyone seriously. Because of that he told me he wants me to be happy and I shouldn't waste opportunities waiting on him... So I ended up going on a date with guy B who I like and now we go out once or twice a week for the last month and a half. We could end up as a couple possibly. I don't bring up guy B in conversation much or at all but every time I talk to guy A, he mentions him in some fashion. Is he jealous now/regretting telling me to date?


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  • Yes he is jealous, it is extremely difficult for a guy to let go of the girl even if he is slightly interested in her...
    Ask him... and tell him... if he still likes u then u both could possibly be together and u will leave guy B

  • Yes he's jealous and wants u to himself
    Don't go with the guy A
    Someone who needs jealousy to realize what he wants is a fool


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