Girls, if you like a guy and he doesn't make a move, would you go for a guy who you find less attractive?

If you like guy A (shy but u find him attractive), and you give him all the non-verbal signs that you like him, but he doesn't make a move on you, because he doesn't talk to any girl in the class, he is extremely shy.
Guy A only has male friends and he is like the famous guys among the males.

Guy B,(open but u dont find him that attractive) who constantly chases you, always sits with you in the class, he is like your only friend in the class.
Guy B has no friends except you.

what would you do?
  • You will go for guy A (shy - attractive), and you will make a move on him.
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  • You will go for guy B (open- average looking), and would get in a relation with him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • in my opinion , you should only go for guy B if you really like him. not for the sake of dating. don't go after guy A if he doesn't care for you...

    • What if guy A shows that he cares for u and he likes u...
      He is just shy to initiate a chat with u...

    • well , if you are sure that he likes you too then you should make a move. guys like a girl who is confident and makes the first move. BEST OF LUCK 😃😃

Most Helpful Guy

  • I actually want to see the answers to this... Im guessing most girls would go for guy B because of the attention... and a few would just be like fuck it and ask guy A out... but hey... I don't know... so i'll wait to see.

    • Bro i think modern women go for what they want... and the fact that guy A has no female friends would ensure the woman that he will be a one woman man... but he is alpha male in the guys... would attract the girl more...
      i think the girl will just go for guy A,

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    • LMFAO brah... u nailed it hahahahahaha...

    • Bro... I've got stories... believe me... so I am able to not only say these things but back it up with real world examples...
      obviously her name wasn't Daisy :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Nooo I don't want to go for someone and make them a Plan B, I only go for someone I like regardless of the way they look!

  • Neither are great options really. I'd just stay single til guy C came along.

    • LOL, but if you're forced to make a choice.,,
      who would u chose, A or B?

    • Maybe A. He seems less annoying, and I guess his main downfall is being shy which he'll lose after a while of getting to know somebody and open up a bit more.

What Guys Said 1

  • I think girls will go for Guy A, shyness just shows that he doesn't have enough experience with women. If he is Attractive and still he is shy and doesn't talk to any girl in the class, the girl will be head over heals over him.
    Guy A.


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