How long can you stand to text message for?

Be it with a significant other or a friend...

  • I HATE text message conversations: I avoid them at all costs
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  • Straight to the point: I can send a couple back and forth
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  • More than a handful is enough: several to share a quick laugh/story and then I am spent
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  • For 30 min+: I could hold an entire conversation over text
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If you are going to text for 30 minutes straight then you might as well just call the person


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What Guys Said 1

  • its alright if it isn't an important topic

    and I could go on for as long as possible

    but if its an important topic I will NOT have the conversation over text

    i'd rather wait then conversate via text for the important topic


What Girls Said 5

  • It depends on who I'm texting. I've had conversations with friends for hours, just texting back and forth when we're both cooking dinner and watching a movie type of thing. But then I get really frustrated when I'm texting somebody who I see regularly. When I was dating this guy, he HAD to text me every day and wanted to know EVERYTHING I did, or was doing. It made me crazy. I saw him often enough that I shouldn't have to text everything I do.

  • Me and the guy I am seeing pretty much text throughout the entire day, every day. We live about an hour away from each other so the texting cuts down on long distance charges. With that said though, there are often really large gaps in between when we are at work or just busy doing other things.

  • i hate them, but I don't avoid them. I answer most of the time because I feel bad if I dont. I try not to have too many back and forths because it's really annoying, but a quick txt here and there is fine.

    convos = never.

    how the heck are you supposed to have a real conversation over txts?

  • I'm not big on long, drawn out text conversations. A short conversation's good, but it just gets annoying after a while. I'd prefer talking on the phone for a long conversation.

  • I voted D

    I love texting.. I can't stand talking on the phone - Unless it's important or an emergency.