Girls, have you ever had experiance dating a younger guy who has never had a girlfriend?

im 22 and he is 20. I've had two serious boyfriends lasting about 1 year each and a thrid relationship lasting 8 months. so im experianced with dating.

but this guy who is in my college class i could tell he has liked me a whike but reluctant to ask me out because im really attractive and older than him. he made a habit to always talk to me during class and we became buddies.

now today he finally asked me out dinner. i accepted because i want to give him a chance... even though i have some fears.

but can you guys give me advice on what to expect and how to handle it.

like im used to the guy asking me if i made it home safe after the date and i walk home alone late at night. but he didn't ask... and i feel like later in the relationship that is something he should ask. but how do i tell him that?


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  • you say " I am really attractive" you are so humble. lol jk. You shoulnt judge him so harshly. When yiu first started dating you obviously had no experience maybe you did something your boyfriend in the past didn't like. And maybe just maybe this guy likes you and he doesn't want to be to clingy on the first date. But if from the start you dont like him then you shouldn't hurt him.

    • there is a difference from being humble and stating a fact to make a point. maybe he didn't want to be too clingy but i did say later on i want him to and if he still doesn't then i was asking for advice on how is the best way to deal with it. and he and i said he and i are buddies like we became friends so of course i like him. if i didn't i wouldn't have let it drag on this far.
      i was asking how to best with an inexperianced guy because i want to make it work. and all you said was dont judge him.

    • No I mean that like its his first experience with having a girlfriend maybe he is scared to do something wrong thats what I meant.

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